The Platform

that Links Riders,

Retailers, & Brands

"Beeline Connect provides us the platform to capitalize on industry growth, direct new customers to a local dealer, and ensure that every new Batch and VAAST owner has a positive riding experience the very first day they receive their bicycle."

- Morten Kristiansen, United Wheels Inc.

Assembled Locally, By a Professional

Beeline Connect makes it simple for Riders looking to have their new bicycle professionally assembled by a local bicycle shop. Our Beeline Connect Support Team assists with the assembly process in the event of a warranty claim.

Simplifying How Bicycle Service Is Scheduled

Make it seamless for Riders to find their next appointment by displaying real time service department availability and allowing booking to happen 24/7.

“Beeline Connect has proven to be an essential tool for our stores and allows us to capture new customers as online retail continues to grow."

- Nikolas Obriecht, Race Pace Bicycles

Connect with Riders, Wherever They Are

The Beeline Connect platform supports the distinct differences between in-shop and mobile operations.

Shop Location Information, Tailored to Your Needs

The Dynamic Dealer Locator links updated information from thousands of locations across dozens of websites to provide the industry’s most comprehensive view of the bicycle retailer landscape.

Accelerate How Riders Find Their New Bicycle

Locating the right bicycle is important to a Rider and showing all possible options is critical. The Live Data Program makes online browsing with real time market inventory a reality.

Beeline Connect for Bicycle Retailers

Join more than 1,200 other satisfied bicycle retailers using the Beeline Connect platform to enhance their businesses and stay ahead of the dynamically changing world.

Beeline Connect for Bicycle Brands and E-Commerce Sellers

Add the Beeline Connect platform features to link your business with the largest bicycle-focused network in North America.